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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tobor the 8th Man vs Dr. Spectra of Intercrime (1964)

8th Man was disguised as Tobor--Tobor is a very bad alias for a robot; what would he have done if he were a "Bob or a Anna" and had to spell one of those backwards? He (Tobor) had his own detective agency named "The Tobor Detective Agency." In times of danger he changed into the 8th man, a robot of steel, capable of incredible speed and strength. He gained his energy from cigarette-like pills kept in his belt.
Dr. Spectra wants to learn Tobor's inner secrets by any means possible! Using an incredible array of weapons to accomplish his task, he manages to wipe Tobor's memory!
The theme song says it all:

There's a prehistoric monster 
that came from outer space, 
Created by the Martians 
to destroy the human race. 
The FBI is helpless. 
It's twenty stories tall. 
What can we do? 
Who can we call?
Tobor,the 8th Man! 
Tobor,the 8th Man! 
Faster than a rocket! 
Quicker than a jet! 
He's the mighty robot! 
He's the one to get! 
Tobor,the 8th Man! 
Quick, call Tobor, 

the mightiest robot in the land! 

Man, there were a lot of robots named TOBOR back then. They must have outnumbered the Dr. Acula's 5 to one!
As hard as it may be to believe the original Japanese lyrics to 8th Man's theme song were 10 times dumber than the US' (lyrics). Check out the side by side comparison below.

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