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Friday, February 4, 2011

Trailer Park Boys: Conky

This was a Bob Burden recommendation so you know it's a weird one. In this episode of the Canadian show Bubbles (their Curly) needs a tooth pulled but refuses to go to the hospital. His friends remind him he went once before and he reminds them that he went because Conky was with him. Conky is basically Bubbles' split personality and when his friends decide they didn't like that personality they dumped it in a swamp. They find Conky, one of the guys gets a broken nose and super glues a rag to his nose and a toy truck to his hand. I think I have already said too much. Trailer Park Boys is one of the weirdest, funniest shows on (Canadian) TV. They made a feature film out of the show produced by Ivan Reitman.


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  2. On a less spammy note...

    Been going through the blog again and enjoying Chris. On the urging of some of our Mainer type friends we finally got around to checking out Trailer Park Boys and it's great stuff. Netflix streaming has all the seasons plus the two movies. I now make it a point to have a small rum and coke in my hand at all times.