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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933, Fritz Lang) M (19321, Fritz Lang) Jan Svankmajer - Down to the Cellar (1983)

First the news:

Some great old foreign freak films:

Watch The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933, Fritz Lang) in Action & Adventure  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Jan Svankmajer - Down to the Cellar (1983)
A little girl goes down to the basement cellar to fetch some potatoes, and finds all her hidden fears about the cellar depicted in animated form. Original title: Do pivnice.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Every once in a while I get the urge to show a B-movie that not only does not suck, but is actually brilliant (acctually an A movie in my book) and here it is; Roger Corman's 1960 classic: THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! Watch a plant eat people while Dick Miller eats flowers!

Then there is this rarely seen gem from the same year: HIGH SCHOOL CASAR in which the tagline on the poster does little in ways of describing the film.


Diver Dan was a syndicated television series produced around 1960, 61 in Philadelphia. The cast consisted of Diver Dan and Miss Minerva, the Mermaid, who were real people, along with a number of rubber fish puppets and other rubber sea creatures, who were all string and hand puppets. To give the illusion that they were all underwater, the series was filmed through an aquarium. This series looks so much like it is not underwater you never wonder how one of the bad guy fish manages to smoke a cigarette. Other characters included were Barron Barracuda, Trigger Fish, Finley Haddock, Gabby the Clam, Glow Fish, Goldie the Goldfish, Hammer-head Shark, Hermit Crab, Doc Sturgeon, Sea Biscuit the Seahorse and Skipper Kippe.
Did and does everything from Philly blow except for IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and R. CRUMB?

Monday, August 23, 2010



This bastard-that-won't heal got me a guest appearance in Keith Knight's nationally syndicated strip the K Chronicles
Click HERE for full sized image

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Real life Superheroes and the DUCK SONG

Real Life Superheroes.or what if Rorschach lived in his mom's basement? This is a lot of fun and I am actually not making fun of these people. Their hearts are in the right place but, man, outside of comics, just buy a frigging taser, dudes. The exemption being Superbarrio that dude'll beat you to death. Seriously, I met this guy guy in Mexico and he is terrifying.

Real Life Superheroes.or what if Rorschach lived in his mom's basement? This is a lot of fun and I am actually not making fun of these people. Their hearts are in the right place but, man, outside of comics, just buy a frigging taser, dudes. The exemption being Superbarrio that dude'll beat you to death. Seriously, I have met this guy and he is terrifying.

Now, the DUCK SONG

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Professor Weirdo does the floating hat trick!

Someone sent me a link to this video a few days ago and I had planed on putting it up as an extra next week, but Daniel Tosh beat me to it. It is amazing and sort of like some Michael Kupperman "Tales Designed to Thrizzle" strip jumped of the page, killed him, did a mind-meld with Bob Burden, took over his kitchen and made a bee-line to Youtube. I am sure this thing is viral old news at this point but if you have not seen Professor Weirdo and his amazing floating hat trick, take a minute (this gem is 60 seconds on the dot) and sneak a peek at the weirdest, reptile-brained kitchen magic show in America.
BTW: if you love stuff like this and don't already watch his show you should tune into Tosh.0 -- and find out what a web redemption" is and pray Professor Weirdo never gets one because he is already perfect.
weird magic show in kitchen from joe hat on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tobor the 8th Man vs Dr. Spectra of Intercrime (1964)

8th Man was disguised as Tobor--Tobor is a very bad alias for a robot; what would he have done if he were a "Bob or a Anna" and had to spell one of those backwards? He (Tobor) had his own detective agency named "The Tobor Detective Agency." In times of danger he changed into the 8th man, a robot of steel, capable of incredible speed and strength. He gained his energy from cigarette-like pills kept in his belt.
Dr. Spectra wants to learn Tobor's inner secrets by any means possible! Using an incredible array of weapons to accomplish his task, he manages to wipe Tobor's memory!
The theme song says it all:

There's a prehistoric monster 
that came from outer space, 
Created by the Martians 
to destroy the human race. 
The FBI is helpless. 
It's twenty stories tall. 
What can we do? 
Who can we call?
Tobor,the 8th Man! 
Tobor,the 8th Man! 
Faster than a rocket! 
Quicker than a jet! 
He's the mighty robot! 
He's the one to get! 
Tobor,the 8th Man! 
Quick, call Tobor, 

the mightiest robot in the land! 

Man, there were a lot of robots named TOBOR back then. They must have outnumbered the Dr. Acula's 5 to one!
As hard as it may be to believe the original Japanese lyrics to 8th Man's theme song were 10 times dumber than the US' (lyrics). Check out the side by side comparison below.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stamp Day for Superman (1954) Colonel Bleep (1956) and Super President and Spy Shadow (1967)

Clark Kent and Lois Lane, out for a stroll, discover a jewelry robbery in progress. Lois gets a good look at one of the burglars. Later Clark and Jimmy Olsen visit Jimmy's old school to discuss Superman's visit there to promote the U.S. Treasury Department's Savings Stamp program. In the meantime, Lois is captured by Blinky, the jewelery burglar she spotted. When Lois doesn't show up to join Clark and Jimmy, Clark realizes she's in trouble and arranges for Superman to save the day and still make his appearance at the school's Stamp Day. Yes, it is a awful as it sounds. One wonders if the US at one of its most shameful moments in history under the thumb of Joseph McCarthy would Hollywood would have just told the treasury to blow if they were not terrified of being blacklisted as communists. This really reeks of McCarthyism especially the fact that it was only shown in schools.
Colonel Bleep in "Scatch and His Feathered Friends" Colonel Bleep is one of the all-time great cartoon curiosities in this episode From their earth headquarters on Zero Zero Island, Colonel Bleep (a spaceman), Squeek (cowboy) and Scratch (a caveman) battled intergalactic villains such as Doctor Destructo, the master criminal of the universe, The Black Knight, and Captain Patch, a displaced pirate.

Super President: The President and the Pirate (1967)
Super President was a cartoon that aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September 16, 1967 to December 28, 1968. The series was produced by the DePatie-Freleng animation company. If there is a hell for animators DePatie and Freleng are standing there with surprised looks on their faces. These dudes were to animation what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity (who will also one day be standing in Hell with surprised looks on their faces.) Animation Hell is a lot nicer than than regular Hell--animation Hell is just a place bad animators go when they die to watch bad cartoons for all eternity.

Spy Shadow in Bandit Gambit. Richard Vance who works for interspy has mastered the secret art of concentration and ejects the powers of hi inner self to produce his shadow called SPY SHADOW. Spy Shadow cannot materialize where there is no light, as without no light there can be no shadow. Spy Shadow is invincible in light, bullets pass right through him and has great strength. He is under control of his master Richard Vance to fight criminals and protect mankind. 
Ted Cassidy … Richard Vance/Spy Shadow (voice) 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HERE COMES TOBOR (1957) and some old Chiquita Banana commercials

Here comes Tobar was a very short lived Sci-Fi television program. I don't know very much about this program that ran in 1957. It is about a crime fighting robot named Tobor and it is controlled telepathically by a little boy.

A series of old Chiquita Banana commercials. Because of today's PC thought police some of these commercials would probably be banned from TV.