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Saturday, May 22, 2010

ROBOT MONSTER (1953) with Big Chuck and Lil Jon

Ro-Man, an alien that looks remarkably like a gorilla in a diving helmet, has destroyed all but six people on the planet Earth. He spends the entire film trying to finish off these survivors, but complications arise when he falls for the young woman in the group. And there's his ominous "Laurence Whelk"bubble machine!

Original title : Robot Monster
Director(s) : Phil Tucker
Writer(s) : Wyott Ordung (screenplay)i
Length : 66 min

Aka(s) :
Monster from Mars - (undefined)
Monsters from the Moon - USA (TV title)
Robot Monster - Spain

You only think you have seen Robot Monster at its Gonzo greatest, but you really haven't until you watch it with two sports and oldies fans Big Chuck and Lil Jon, a show with the technical grace of an apple II-E and standards that would almost be forgivable on public access, but this airs on a Cleveland FOX affiliate. Cleveland must blow.