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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Conman/Director rolls into Dirt Water USA and flimflams the yokels to pay to be in and work on this cinematic turd and like Keyser Söze “poof” and he’s gone. In all fairness, you will be in awe of the ineptitude displayed here. Ever see a carpet screw a car, you will. Like watching a giant planarian worm made of carpet with Slinky’s for a face eat pretty girls, you’ll love this one. Have you pondered why pretty young girls go to the woods wearing bikinis—you won’t find the answers here but you will witness it. The monster is basically a crapped up two man horse costume with a dirty s by old rug tossed on top of it. The monster sucks so bad that in one scene a guy holds it off for about 30 seconds by beating it with an acoustic guitar. When those losers at the Golden Turkey awards crowned Plan 9 From Outer Space the worst film of all-time (a film that I think is very good) they must have watched the Creeping Terror wearing earplugs and blindfolds. One of greatest bits in this film is where they ran out of sound film so while people are talking a narrator is dubbed over and tells you what they are saying. I love this movie so much!

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