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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preview of Saturday's unique Midnight Movie and it is a bad one that two guys made worse by hosting it!


You may be curious as to why a Psychotronic-centric site took so long to show this obvious choice – well, you have never seen it like this before – hosted by Big Chuck and Lil Jon. This is one of the worst horror film hosted/variety shows I have ever seen and I have seen every episode of the HILLARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN, which in all fairness was so low rent it never even aired a film. You will be effing amazed that these well-meaning (sport’s fans?) make fun of Director Phil Tucker’s ineptitude when you see them parade their stunningly inept Monty Python like sketches that they show instead of or in place of commercials. Their show opens with a midget slave (?) Lil Jon who hits a giant swami (?) Big Chuck in the goons with a gong hammer. This is the brass ring, B-Movie fans; ROBOT MONSTER hosted by a show with worse material than the movie itself. Please, try not to turn it off during Big Chuck and Lil Jon “fun with King Kong” montage. Watch the original theatrical trailer for ROBOT MONSTER and then tune in Saturday for Big Chuck and Lil Jon’s presentation of the film. This is also an oldies show but I can't figure out why; the opening song?
In all fairness Big Chuck does have a set of pipes like Charles Napier and looks a bit like him as well.
They both seem like good guys having fun, but for a show that is actually aired and has won several local Emmys it is a jaw dropper.

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