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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spinal Tap performs CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEVIL on Arsineo Hall (1992) and George Harrison's Pirate Song

In 1992 rock gods Spinal Tap jams the tune and then gets interviewed by Eddie Murphy's lamprey. Sorry about the sound quality but this is the only copy I know of floating around the web. In 1975 George Harrison does a pirate sketch and song on the  Eric Idol show. Who'd have thought that Keith Richards was the better pirate actor of the two. If your thinking "there was an Eric Idol show?" don't feel bad; no one outside of the UK knew it existed.



SNL Digital Shorts: Pee-Wee's Night out and the Creep: Bonus BOC Don't Fear the Reaper

These are really funny and the Creep should be the biggest dance in the country. And who doesn't want to see Pee-Wee Herman get drunk?
I know the Christopher Walken "Don't Fear the Reaper" is old hat but this thing gets pulled from the net so much that I wanted to have a copy on the site.

The Creep

Pee-Wee's Night out

SNL BOC Don't Fear the Reaper

Friday, February 25, 2011

Creature With The Atom Brain (1955)

An ex-Nazi mad scientist uses radio-controlled atomic-powered zombies in his quest to help an exiled American gangster return to power. That is actually what this film is about. Seriously. I am not making this up.

Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957) and Marry Tyler Moore covered in pasta ad

Sue me. It's weird and she's hot.


A teenage couple making out in the woods accidentally runs over an alien creature with their car. The creature's hand falls off, but it comes alive, and, with an eye growing out of it, begins to stalk the teens. Meanwhile, Joe the town drunk wants to store the body in his refrigerator, but some of the alien's buddies inject alcohol into his system, and Joe dies of an overdose. Written by Marty McKee   
I like this movie because the aliens have needles that come out of their fingers and inject you with booze. We should have captured, bred and harvested them. And it stars the great Frank Gorshin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hideous Sun Demon (1959)

Gary Panter put the preview up on Facebook so I felt I had to share the movie with the world. Watch the trailer and I dare you to not watch the movie! And what the hell is a "Jeekle"? This gem veers off into Creeping Terror/Robot Monster territory.
There is a great piece about it over at the LAST DRIVE-IN



Friday, February 4, 2011

Trailer Park Boys: Conky

This was a Bob Burden recommendation so you know it's a weird one. In this episode of the Canadian show Bubbles (their Curly) needs a tooth pulled but refuses to go to the hospital. His friends remind him he went once before and he reminds them that he went because Conky was with him. Conky is basically Bubbles' split personality and when his friends decide they didn't like that personality they dumped it in a swamp. They find Conky, one of the guys gets a broken nose and super glues a rag to his nose and a toy truck to his hand. I think I have already said too much. Trailer Park Boys is one of the weirdest, funniest shows on (Canadian) TV. They made a feature film out of the show produced by Ivan Reitman.