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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cicero's Cat by Bud Fisher and why has it never been collected

Cicero's Cat by Bud Fisher
This strip began in 1933 as a Sunday “tag-along” to Mutt and Jeff, a strip that Al Smith worked on as Bud Fisher’s assistant and later inherited from Fisher.  Cicero’s Cat later became an independent full-length strip and lasted about thirty years.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

According to 1957 Commercial Shoving women at handbag sales & drinking Pepsi keeps you sexy and you had radioactive dirt on your face

Old Coffee Ad - Shows why Harold's Wife's Coffee Sucks: 

Harvey was just a son of a bitch! Marvel at how Harvey does not smack his wife in the face because she makes bad coffee.

In 1950 they used a Dorothy Grey cosmetics used a Geiger counter to determine how much radioactive dirt women had in their pores. Twice as much if you did not use a Dorothy Grey cleansing product.

Cocaine Fiends (1953, 1938 Party Magic!, The Snowman: Cute cartoon animals build a snowman that comes to life and terrorizes them. and First Boo-Berry Commercial (1973)

Drug dealer on the run from the law meets an innocent young girl and her brother, and turns them into cocaine fiends.

Cute cartoon animals build a snowman that comes to life and terrorizes them.

First Boo-Berry Commercial 1973

Many of you probably get up and go to work to the same job and do the same work every single day. Now, all of this is fine and dandy, but for as long as you can remember you've had a strange feeling that something has been missing from your life. You can't put your finger on it, but you just have this feeling that you're life is incomplete. Something is definitely missing. Could it be a healthy haunted breakfast that is capable of turning your mouth blue? Not if you live in the year 1973 when monsters roamed the cereal isles.

Weirdo picking through box of Frankenberry
1938 Party magic!

THE FUDGE JUDGE and Bike Windshield & Sexy 1950s Camay Soap animated spots by jerry March 21, 2010 12:05 am Who needs Viagra??? Just get a bar of Camay Soap! Check out this set of five smokin’ hot animated spots from the 1950s that our friends at Something Weird Video just unearthed.

Courtesy of Evan Dorkin's LIVEJOURNAL: The Fudge Judge

And this one is from another source and is in color, Fudge Judge was everywhere!

And the Bicycle Windshield:

I don't care if motorcycle cops had windshields like that or not, you were begging to be the neighborhood pariah if you had that sort of thing on your bike. Rather than "windshield," perhaps we should call it what it really is: "Something to aim for when you are hocking loogies at the kid with overprotective parents." You're just asking for the other kids to see how much protection the thing really provides. It will only end in tears. 

Sexy 1950s Camay Soap animated spot

Who needs porn? Just get a bar of Camay Soap!
Check out this  smokin’ hot animated spot from the 1950s that our friends at Something Weird Video just unearthed (first one embed below. The animators were not shy about letting us see the leading lady’s charms in the bath tub, and each commercial is packed with unsubtle Tex Avery-inspired “erection” double takes. Check them all out.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kittens For Christian a rare Richard Corben and Jan Strnad collaboration from 1972

Kittens For Christian

Here's a wonderful early collaboration between Jan Strnad & Richard Corben from the 3rd issue of a short lived anthology book called Fantagor, published by Last Gasp Eco Funnies in 1972. It feels like a prologue for a larger story, and you end it really wanting to see more of both heroes & villains. It could almost be, in fact, a companion piece to Corben's adaptation of Harlan Ellison's A Boy And His Dog, or would fit nicely in Creepy or Eerie.

You can't lose when you play BURN NOTICE BINGO

'Burn Notice' Bingo: Play along during the season premiere tonight

Brun-Notice-BingoBurn Notice, which returns for its winter season tonight, has been a zippily enjoyable show for so long, it’s easy to overlook just how many flavors of pleasure it mixes together. Watching the show is like drinking a cocktail on a warm day, preferably before lunch. Now, thanks to the happy elf mixologists here at PopWatch Bingo, you can quantify each episode’s particular recipe of spy thrills. Are top-secret meetings taking place right in front of a beach (or, even better) a pool? Is Sam enjoying a morning mojito, or trotting out his famous pseudonym, “Chuck Finley”? Is Mama Westen making Michael feel like a bad son, while she blows cigarette smoke in his face? Most importantly, is there a sniper rifle in the house?
Be sure to mark off the proper squares when the show achieves a rare Split-Screen Hat Trick (three or more split-screens at the same time) or an even more rare Double-Cross Hat Trick (in which three or more people in a single room are all plotting against each other.) Keep an eye out for Michael’s trusty screwdriver, his number-one weapon when creating MacGyver-style DIY madness. Keep an eye out for those occasional moments when the show remembers that Fiona used to be Irish. Cherish how the gang runs away from an explosion. And really, just treasure Michael’s sunglasses. God, Miami is cool.