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Saturday, April 16, 2011


This film still freaks me out. What a creepy concept and talking head. Things will be rough here for a while because Google video says they want to expand their world library by somehow deleting their entire video library on May 15th. I know, that's like saying we want to wipe out world hunger by not growing crops anymore, but Google is Skynet.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die by SFLTV

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika (the comic book)

There is a very unintentionally funny comic book adaptation of the true story HANSI the Girl Who Loved the Swastika:
"Don't ever forget Jesus!" This tearful admonition of her foster mother followed the teen-aged orphan girl as she began her trip to Prague. Maria ("Hansi") was the envy of all in her little Czechoslovakian village because she had won a scholarship to the Nazi school in the capital and would be able to serve the Fuhrer.
Thus Maria began a long journey in 1940 which was to lead her into the darkness of blind devotion to Hitler and the atheism of the Nazi system. The path led to a storybook romance...cruel disillusionment at Hitler's suicide...a traumatic awakening to the swastika's scourge across Europe and upon the Jews...a breathtaking escape from Communists...and a reemergence into the love and lordship of her mother's Jesus.
Eventually Maria and her family came to the United States. You will find chuckles vying with tears as you see the New World through the eyes of these immigrants, bewildered by the careless affluence of their adopted land and dazzled by the freedom to serve and teach one's deepest convictions."

Fortunately SPIRE CHRISTIAN COMICS did everything so fabulously wrong they could write about your dog dying and it would be funny and this is their adaptation of that true story of that wonderful, psychopathic young girl, Hansi. This is that 1975 comic brain fart in its entirety.