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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Professor Weirdo does the floating hat trick!

Someone sent me a link to this video a few days ago and I had planed on putting it up as an extra next week, but Daniel Tosh beat me to it. It is amazing and sort of like some Michael Kupperman "Tales Designed to Thrizzle" strip jumped of the page, killed him, did a mind-meld with Bob Burden, took over his kitchen and made a bee-line to Youtube. I am sure this thing is viral old news at this point but if you have not seen Professor Weirdo and his amazing floating hat trick, take a minute (this gem is 60 seconds on the dot) and sneak a peek at the weirdest, reptile-brained kitchen magic show in America.
BTW: if you love stuff like this and don't already watch his show you should tune into Tosh.0 -- and find out what a web redemption" is and pray Professor Weirdo never gets one because he is already perfect.
weird magic show in kitchen from joe hat on Vimeo.

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  1. I should have mentioned that I got this from Professor Weirdo's youtube posting: