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Monday, December 21, 2009

What It is by Lynda Barry: This book is fire for the idle mind

What It Is What It Is by Lynda Barry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Barry’s “What It Is” is pure magic and without peer. For anyone who wants some brilliant insight on where stories come from you have to read this. It is also a book that proves to people who say that they can't write or draw are actually wrong. Can you believe it? If you think that you are not a story teller, you just have not read What It Is. Barry teaches you how to think like a kid again, back when a slice of bacon could have its own adventures on its way to a sandwich.
I used to say that before you embark on a career of writing or illustrating comics, there is only one book you need to read and that is Will Eisner's Comics and Sequential art. Well, now there are two books that you have to read. Buy borrow or, yes, even steal it. This book is worth the misdemeanor on your record.
Check out these video clips I pieced together of Barry’s reading/lecture of What It Is. It is from several different locations, I was lucky enough to catch it at Comic-Con last Sumer. I swear, Barry actually hypnotized the room. A must read for just about anyone.

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