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Friday, January 7, 2011

LIVE ACTION! Barney Google and Snuffy Smith in Hillbilly Blitzkrieg and the return of Professor Weirdo BONUS: Bugs Bunny in All This and Rabbit Stew (You will never find this one in a WB DVD box set)

But first this ad
Why don't they make everything out of unbreakable wood pulp?

If there were a film vault at Guantánamo Bay
This film would be wrongfully detained there and not even the ACLU or United Nations would care. This is a very silly movie, and it has no moments. If you like B-comedies this is a "Z". It starts with Snuffy Smith and Barney Google trying to outwit a bunch of spies who are after the Army's secret weapon, and from that premise it just continues to get less plausible as it goes along. Comedy veteran Edgar Kennedy plays Snuffy's long-suffering sergeant, and gives his usual good performance. The "Hillbilly Blitzkrieg" would never have struck fear into the Axis, and you would have been on their side if they were fighting this film.

Professor Weirdo is back, same K-Mart smoking jacket, same shirt, shoes and pants (new hat) but he is performing a new kind of magic this go around; he's a lip syncing god and his song is Felin' Like a Woman!
You're welcome

Bugs Bunny in All This and Rabbit Stew
You just have to watch this. I believe Little Black Sambo saw this and thought "Christ, at least they don't treat me like this poor bastard!"


  1. Ha ha, I only saw pictures of this Bugs Bunny episode until now, a crazy racist rumpus!

  2. John, I aim to please the sleaze. Give me a call.